Artist Statement

My painting process is a secret garden, a place of spirituality.

When I paint I engage intuitively with the painting medium, drawing from my inner self spontaneous responses to the movement of paint across the canvas. The numinous formation of colour interaction, and the wealth of texture appearing from a playful approach, takes on a delightful life of its own.  This playful interaction between my inner self and the painting medium becomes a dance dictated by the moment, where the voice of my intentions and the voice of the painting become one.

I use the natural environment as inspiration for artistic endeavour creating works with a voice and a vision of place. My work is not so much concerned with the external features but is rather infused with hidden meanings and impulses.  Contrasts frequently present itself in my work.  It yields abstract and naturalistic shapes, light and darker tones, smooth and textured areas. It is sensitively coaxed out yet with strength.  Quick moving energetic strokes and luminous use of light evoke a sense of intense celebration. 

The creative process gives me solitude to engage with my inner self, discovering what motivates me and moves me. Through creating I appreciate and celebrate the beauty of being alive.  The act of painting is a form of artistic breathing for me, I take and I give. While painting I take and feed my soul through creating aesthetic questions, answering them visually. Then I give and leave a trail of thoughts and imagery, documenting my experiences and communicating my passion for life. The energy rushing beneath the surface of my paintings reveals the pulse of its existence rather than the features of its state. Imagery and abstract shapes combined with a vibrant sense of life entice the viewer to embark on an inner voyage to discover and crystallize their own truths and meanings.