Workshops and Art Classes


Salomi Prinsloo in her studio.

Painter and art instructor Salomi Prinsloo has been teaching, motivating, and inspiring artists for over 39 years. She has conducted art workshops across South Africa and in New Zealand. Salomi holds a BA in Fine Arts and a teaching diploma from the University of Pretoria.

Salomi exhibits her work across South Africa and internationally, including in London, Italy, and New Zealand. She was invited to exhibit at the Florence Biennale, where she showcased "Butchered Rainbow," a commentary on violence in South African society. As a professional artist, Salomi shares her expertise, knowledge, and skills through workshops and her online coaching program. Her teaching diploma and 11 years of teaching matric art, combined with her natural gift for teaching, underscore her ability to guide students effectively.

While all ages and skill levels are welcome, Salomi finds great joy in teaching those who have a strong desire to draw and paint but are reluctant and unsure of their abilities. More advanced artists also find her expertise invaluable. Salomi's specialised program has proven over many years that anyone with a strong desire can learn to paint and draw and develop their creativity. She nurtures students' innate abilities while challenging them to achieve their full potential, elevating their work to a professional level.

Part of Salomi's growth as an artist involved processing the loss of her beloved studio in Pretoria when she moved to the Western Cape. However, creativity is a faithful companion that follows her wherever she goes. Stilbaai in the Western Cape became her new painting haven, her 'secret garden,' where she explores both her external and internal environments. The move to the Western Cape during the COVID-19 pandemic led to the birth of her Online Art Coaching Program, where she guides beginners and elevates their drawing capabilities to that of advanced artists, enabling them to produce awe-inspiring works.

Online Art Coaching Program

Students can enroll in regular online classes to work through Salomi's program and receive weekly guidance and assistance, steadily expanding their knowledge and expertise. Salomi limits each time slot to two students to ensure personalized and individual attention, setting them up for success and efficiently advancing their artistic abilities.

The Online Art Coaching Program begins with the Drawing Revolution and expands into various drawing media, acrylics, oils, and watercolors, preparing students to work in different genres with a focus on personalized development. Salomi aims to create a supportive environment where students can flourish, guiding them through the maze of artistic expression to find their own visual voice.


Salomi offers various workshops to fast-track students' progress towards their artistic goals. It is remarkable to see how students can develop in just a six-hour span under the right guidance. Recently, her in-house teachings have focused on watercolor and drawing workshops, presented in small groups to ensure focused and individual attention.

Watercolour Workshops

In her watercolor workshops, Salomi unlocks the joys and magic of the watercolor world for both beginners and advanced students. She teaches them to retain the translucent beauty of watercolor while using strong and vibrant colors. Salomi guides them through the uncertainties of the medium, helping them become confident co-painters with the water transporting the paint.


A student lost in the magic qualities of watercolours during her first encounter with watercolours during my recently presented watercolour workshop in Cape town. She went home with her first ever art work.

Students exploring watercolour techniques

Upcoming Watercolour Workshops


Next: Watercolour workshop will be held in Stilbaai 27 July 2924.

Learn the basics of watercolor along with advanced techniques and procedures valuable to seasoned artists. Students are guided to explore the medium and gain control over it, creating their own unique work of art to take home. Salomi ensures that creative exploration happens in a supportive and friendly environment.

Salomi recently presented this workshop in Cape Town with great success and was invited to present it in Stilbaai as well. For bookings, contact Salomi via WhatsApp or email at

Cape town

The next watercolor workshop in Van Riebeeckshof, Cape Town, is scheduled for August 10, 2024. More information will be released soon. To make a booking or to find out more, contact Salomi at 0828780441.

Drawing Workshops

Drawing Revolution Program (schedule for the next workshop will be released soon)

This workshop profoundly influences students' drawing abilities, propelling them to exceptional proficiency. Its impact is such that it is a prerequisite for anyone following Salomi’s online program. Students can work through the program in either a workshop or online classes.

Anyone can learn to draw with this carefully planned program. Salomi makes self-expression and drawing accessible to anyone with a desire to master this skill. The program is designed to unlock the student's innate drawing potential and equip them with valuable knowledge, bringing about revolutionary changes in their drawing abilities.

The Drawing Revolution Program's impact on a student's skills can clearly be seen in the before and after portraits below. The skills acquired in this program move students from a beginner level to that of an artist with exceptional abilities.


 Before                        After

At the end of the program, the student's progress and development are showcased in the final charcoal assignment, where all the hard work and guidance culminate in a beautiful crescendo.  The work below is an example of such a work.