Workshops and Art Classes


Salomi Prinsloo in her studio.

Painter, and art instructor Salomi Prinsloo has been teaching art and has been motivating and inspiring  artists for over 35 years. She has taught art workshops across South Africa and in New Zealand. Salomi received a BA Fine Arts degree and her teachers diploma from the University of  Pretoria.

Salomi  exhibits across South Africa and abroad, including London, Italy and New Zealand. As a professional artist she chooses to share her expertise, valuable knowledge and skills with student in the workshops and classes she presents.

Although all ages and levels are welcome Salomi finds great joy and pleasure in teaching those who have a strong desire to draw and paint but who are reluctant, and unsure of their artistic abilities.  Following her specialized program Salomi has proven over many years that any person with a strong desire can indeed be taught how to paint and draw and develop their creativity.  Salomi nurtures student's innate abilities while challenging them you to reach and achieve their full potential and in the process elevate their work to a professional level.

Regular classes 

Students can enroll for regular classes where they work through Salomi's program and find guidance an assistance on a weekly basis, expanding their knowledge and expertise at a steady pace.

Salomi Presents classes in: drawing, acrylic and watercolor in an environmental friendly  studio minimizing the impact on the nature  and also provides a safe work environment for students.



Salomi presents various workshops to fast track and move students quicker and more focused  towards their artistic goals.

Up coming Events: 

The Drawing Revolution 1

This is a workshop where anyone can learn to draw.  With this carefully planned program Salomi brings self expression and drawing within the reach of any one who desires to master this skill. The program is designed to unlock the students drawing potential, equip the student with valuable knowledge and bring about revolutionary changes in the student's drawing abilities in just one day. Places are limited to ensure individual attention.

Below, The Drawing Revolution 1's impact on a student's drawing skills can be seen. This program enhances perpetual abilities and therefore enables the student to draw what which they truly see.

 Before                        After

Workshop Information

Date: Saturday 4 November 2017

Place: Waterkloof glen, Pretoria

Time: 9am to 6pm

Cost: R1500.00

Contact Salomi to book your place by emailing her on