Next Exhibition: Stilbaai December 2024 July 11, 2024 20:10

I am currently working on a body of works for my solo exhibition in Stilbaai December 2024.  

Moving from Gauteng to settle in the Western Cape had a profound impact on my lifestyle and every aspect of my being. Not only am I surrounded by a very different environment which are reflected in my newer works,  it also brought about a shift in my internal environment which inevitably found its way to reflect on my canvases. 

Excitement and explorations of new dimensions was one aspect that surfaced but taking hold of one thing inevitably implied letting go of  certain things dear to my heart like my studio and my art school.  I explore these two concepts in my new works. 

All this happened during Covid which brought about new online opportunities and thus my Online Art Coaching program was born, allowing me to teach people I have never met in person.  Running an art school close to 40 years was perfect preparation for this.

I had to give up my regular art classes and miss the interaction with the students I had the privilege to know, and to guide.  However a new joy was born after this loss: regular workshops where I teach drawing and watercolours in Cape Town and Stilbaai.

My time was always divided between painting and teaching. It seems that I need the seclusion of my own painting process but then it tuns out that the creative interaction with those I guide is of equal importance to me.